Three More Steps

For what seemed like an hour, I knelt uncomfortably behind the cedar at full draw. The bull had responded aggressively to my challenge and bugled back, enraged that any intruder dared trespass onto his valley. I watched the old monarch shred two cedars as he charged up the dark, heavily wooded canyon towards me. The […]

Archery Women

When I think of women and archery and all they have done for the sport, I cannot think of a better person who has put so much time and effort in to it other than my Mother, Beulah. Her archery lessons that she once taught as a young woman are currently being taught to her […]

What Is Traditional Archery?

Seriously? You’re asking this? OK fine. As the name suggests, obviously traditional archery encompasses anything that has little to do with the modern adaptation of the sport. For instance, traditionally archery was used for hunting or warring purposes. And not to be a fancy schmook by hitting a colourful target board. But of course, that […]