Compound Bow’s and their uses through the ages

“The hunter and his prey.” That is an adage as old as time. What comes to mind when picturing this scene are the hunting tools. One specifically stands out. The bow. The bow has a very celebrated history throughout the course of time. It started out as an essential hunting tool, evolved into a lethal weapon in the theatre of war, was revolutionized as a sport – Archery – and to this day remains deep seated in ethos of masculinity, precision and sport. Of course in this day and age, it’s rarely used as a hunting tool, let alone for battle but Toxiphilites or hardcore archers have managed to turn this into something of an elite sport.

As was the transformation of usage of the bow, its design has also obviously evolved. It is now called a compound bow. However the core of its design and functionality has withstood the pressure of time. And that is what we at Combat Australia take deep pride in when presenting our compound bows. Our bows are sophisticated, durable, sheer feats of imaginative construction while keeping the core element of design firmly rooted in the end product.

We take pride in matching the bow to the user. Not the other way around. At Combat Australia we have a vast variety of bows varying in design, balance, use. Our bows are engineered to suit an individual’s need of flexibility, let-off, throw and weight distribution. We subscribe to an ideology that is grounded in the belief that you as a customer know what you want in a product better than what we can tell you. Of course you are the one using it so the technical specification you desire in a product is what you should get.

This ideology has been the inspiration behind our Bear’, Hoyt’ and Qeust’ series that are custom made, tailored to fit your needs and expectations. Custom made or not at the heart of each compound bow is the essentials that you will find across our products. Each bow is still essentially two rather stiff limbs, a series of pulleys and cables that been constructed in different forms to lend you a mechanical advantage that significantly ups your hunting or archery game.

Of course we want to make sure your getting the maximum out of your Compound Bow. That is why our engineers place such a strong emphasis on the let-off and limb rigidity. We understand how absolutely crucial it is to get the perfect balance between weight distribution and throw. Our bows are modulated to deliver the highest let-off’. We have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to come up pulley designs that offer an automatically modifiable radius featuring multiple cam tracks to give you the longest throw.

We complete our product line with offering ad justifiable bow kits. At your disposal these kits make sure you use exactly what you need on your compound bow and can do away with parts you deem unnecessary. The aim being to give you, our customer maximum control over product use.

Our compound bows undergo rigors quality testing and we guarantee the most robust, technologically advanced product that delivers a performance above and beyond what our customers expect. Try us today!

How to Make a Bow

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The Bow and the Arrow

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